Food stall owner selling stir-fried pebbles as street food stuns social media users

20 Jun 2023 06:02pm
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Pebbles for snacks, anyone?

A food stall owner in the Chinese province of Hunan, China has stirred up some heat over his unusual choice of selling stir-fried small river rocks at a night market.

In a video that has garnered millions of views, the cook was captured stir-frying pebbles with chili, garlic, purple perilla, and rosemary.

The weird delicacy was sold for 16 yuan (RM10).

According to media reports, the pebbles are not actually meant to be eaten (for obvious reasons), it is to be sucked on and serve to complement the taste of other ingredients.

Once diners are finished with the meal, they can choose to save it and cook it with other ingredients later on. Talk about sustainability!

Instagram user commented "When you’re on a diet but still wanna have good food.

Another user @beep_boop_neo said "The person that invented this dish must be hungry back then," he said.

Would you try this dish?

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