Pahang exco calls for holistic planning at state, federal levels to mitigate flood impact

12 Jan 2022 12:26pm
KUANTAN - A holistic solution needs to be planned to avoid severe consequences due to flooding from recurring in the future.

Pahang State Tourism، Culture، Environment، Plantation and Commodities exco، Datuk Seri Mohd Sharkar Shamsudin said، it is time for the matter to be treated seriously by the federal and state government due to the inevitable floods phenomenon.

According to him، through the best methods and planning، the impact of the catastrophe can be controlled and it helps to prevent severe property damages similar to what had occurred in Pahang recently.

“The measures to overcome the impacts need to be done through technology or effective approaches.

“We can take a developed country as an example such as Japan، although the country is exposed to various natural disasters such as floods، earthquakes، hurricanes and so on but they are still able to manage it.

“It is the same with the Netherlands، although most of its lands are below the sea level، floods are not a normal occurrence and they definitely have the right method to overcome the issue، ” he said in an interview with Astro Awani on Monday night.

Mohd Sharkar said، it is undeniable that the preventive measures require huge allocations that can cost billions of ringgit، but it is the best solution compared to the huge losses incurred due to the floods.

“The impact of the flood does not only involve property damages but people's lives.

“The destruction and loss that occurs repeatedly will have negative impacts on flood victims.

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“Many of them had to take such a long time to go back to their normal lives after losing their houses and properties.

He said، for example، the floods that hit Temerloh and several other districts in the state that were badly affected recently، some victims had to start all over again with nothing after losing their houses and belongings.

“As a developing country، we also need to move towards looking for the best systematic solution to face natural disasters such as floods so that it will not have a huge impact on the livelihood of the people، ” he said.

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