Pas demands complete obedience yet failed to speak up on corruption, says Khalid Samad.

20 Jan 2022 11:41am
Amanah's Khalid Samad said Pas has failed to address matters of corruption in the government.
Amanah's Khalid Samad said Pas has failed to address matters of corruption in the government.

SHAH ALAM – Islamist party Pas has embodied the meaning of walaun or complete obedience towards their leaders, at the cost of ethics and principles, said Amanah information chief Khalid Samad.

Khalid said the once formidable party is now all too quiet to speak up on matters of corruption and instead have practised the policy of “the end justifies the means”, meaning to achieve or justify victories by any means necessary.

“You got all these cases of corruption such as 1MDB and the latest issue of Azam Baki and yet they are completely quiet. Now they are in government, if anybody talk about corruption now, they are (accused) as an agent of the west.

“So the West wants the Muslims free of corruption and that is going to be the downfall of the Muslims and Pas wants the Muslims to be comfortable with corruption and to them that is going to raise the standards of the Muslims. Isn’t that crazy?,’’ he said, referring to the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) global financial scandal along with the recent controversies surrounding Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission chief commissioner Tan Sri Azam Baki.

In an exclusive interview with Sinar daily, Khalid said this has led to even ardent critics of Amanah questioning Pas’ direction as a party.

“Even people who criticise us for leaving Pas and forming Amanah are now questioning the Pas leadership

“Pas is now what people coined the phrase as walaun, people who are completely totally obedient to their leaders.

“They don't encourage debate, they don't encourage discussions, the principle of the end justifies the means, that is something being used by them now,’’ he said.

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Earlier in the interview, Khalid was explaining the formation of Amanah and why its members had split from Pas in 2016.

Khalid had stressed that his party, formed during turbulent times, was built on the principles of integrity.