Tian Chua calls for unity within party after withdrawing from PKR veep post

27 Mar 2022 06:37pm
Tian Chua has announced he will not be defending his PKR veep post, offers to contest at Batu.
Tian Chua has announced he will not be defending his PKR veep post, offers to contest at Batu.

SHAH ALAM - With PKR strongman Tian Chua not defending his vice president post in the coming party elections, he said the party needs a succession plan.

The former Batu MP said the party should not be based on individuals, adding that Party president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim should present his roadmap for a new generation to take over.

"He should prepare and present it to us," he said.

He had earlier told Sinar Daily that he is not defending his vice president's post.

However, he cautioned that it is not wise to fight for succession or transition now as general elections are expected to be called anytime soon this year. Tian Chua said it is incredibly crucial for the party to stay united and stay focused on reviving the party.

The morale of the multi-racial 23-year-old party is at its lowest after winning just over 100 votes to MIC in Johor polls. PKR was wiped out in the Melaka polls. "Infighting within the party and the opposition will only weaken us," he warned.

With rivalry expected to worsen as PKR party members jostled for seats and power in the coming party election, he said, "everyone needs to remain calm and think of the consequences."

"It is important to get closer to the rakyat by winning their hearts for the general elections." So far, Rafizi Ramli and Saifuddin Nasution are eyeing the number 2 post.

Tian Chua said party members should not be fighting within their members for the post now.

"PKR needs to consolidate ourselves. We should win. We should see how the opposition could win seats. That should be our focus." He said voters are disillusioned as the cracks are widening within the opposition. "How are they to have confidence with us when we are disunited," he asked.

"Or we cannot go around saying people have no shame to support Bossku. We need to look within why people support Bossku," he said, referring to ex-prime minister Najib Razak, a convict after the high court sentenced him to 12 years jail for abuse of power, money laundering and criminal breach of trusts.

"Who do we blame for Najib's popularity," he asked. Tian Chua said he would like to contest in the Batu seat as he has been working closely with the voters and community in the constituency.

"We cannot be relying upon the various factors or personalities that saw us winning GE14.

"Now, the only thing voters want is unity and how deeply rooted we are with the community. Unless and until we do this, we can't blame anyone else if we lose," he said "With that, I am offering myself to contest in Batu and would help revive the party," he said.

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