French prosecutors raid pizza plant after E.coli outbreak

13 Apr 2022 09:53pm
Buitoni's Caudry factory in northern France, where frozen pizza production has been halted. - AFP
Buitoni's Caudry factory in northern France, where frozen pizza production has been halted. - AFP

LILLE, FRANCE - Prosecutors on Wednesday searched a Buitoni frozen pizza factory in northern France, the suspected source of an E.coli outbreak that has left dozens of children sick, police said.

An investigation into involuntary manslaughter and deceitful practices was opened on April 1 after authorities learned of more than 70 infections, which may have caused the deaths of a one-year-old and an 18-year-old.

The search at the Caudry factory operated by Buitoni, which is owned by the Swiss food conglomerate Nestle, was confirmed by the Paris prosecutor's office, which is leading the investigation.

Nestle announced a recall of the affected Fraiche-Up pizzas on March 18, and authorities ordered a halt of their production at Caudry on April 6 after carrying out two hygiene inspections.

The inspections "revealed a deterioration of food hygiene controls", the presence of "rodents" and insufficient measures to prevent pests from contaminating a food production site, authorities said in the shutdown order.

Escherichia coli bacteria can lead to severe and long-lasting health complications including acute kidney failure. French authorities say the reports of possible infections began to occur in late February.

Recalls were also ordered in Belgium and Luxembourg, with the affected pizzas distributed in 20 other countries including 15 in Africa, according to the EU's Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed.

Buitoni has said it is cooperating with the investigation and promised to take "appropriate measures" in the wake of the outbreak.

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