Neelofa opens up on becoming a mother

08 May 2022 09:05am
Neelofa agreed that quite a lot has changed after she became a mother, but there is a trick to that.
Neelofa agreed that quite a lot has changed after she became a mother, but there is a trick to that.

We have witnessed her meteoric rise to success with her illustrious career as a TV host, actress and entrepreneur.

Now, Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor, has embarked on one of the biggest chapters of her life – becoming a mother.

She is now a doting mother to a baby boy named Muhammad Bilal Muhammad Haris who was born on Jan 29, 2022.

Typically, media interviews with Neelofa prior to her becoming a parent would focus on her love life and career.

This time, it was more focused on her life now as a mother.

Her son, Bilal who she shares with husband Muhammad Haris Mohd Ismail, better known as PU Riz, was named after Bilal ibn Rabah, who was said to be a loyal companion to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


They say it takes a village to raise a child, and this rings true for Neelofa.

Parenting is no walk in the park, so she gets the help she needs, which includes getting tips from other mothers to make her day-to-day tasks easier in caring for Bilal. However, is there was one thing she could learn more about motherhood before becoming a mother herself, is to know more about breastfeeding, what more since she had to breastfeed while fasting In Ramadan this year.

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“It was a difficult thing for me especially during fasting, and to be honest a topic like this is not widely discussed,” she said.


In previous media reports, Neelofa was quoted saying she planned to retire from the entertainment industry by the time she turns 30.

Now, fans of the 33-year-old is wondering if she is still well on her way to realise that plan, or if they would get to see their favourite celebrity on the small screen again.

Playfully gesturing to her husband, Neelofa asked her husband to answer this million-dollar question.

PU Riz said there is no plan for her to restart her acting career in the future because of their commitment to their businesses, but the husband and wife hinted at her return as a TV host in the near future.

In conjunction to Mother's Day this year, Neelofa extends her warm wishes to all mothers.

"Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there, including my mom, my mother-in-law and even to myself.

"The sacrifices of a mother in carrying, giving birth, then raising and educating a child, is immeasurable,” she said.

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