MAHA 2022: Miracle Garden has over 20,000 plants

08 Aug 2022 10:24am
Visitors taking their chance to see the Miracle Garden at MAHA 2022 - BERNAMA Photo
Visitors taking their chance to see the Miracle Garden at MAHA 2022 - BERNAMA Photo
SERDANG - More than 20,000 plants from 77 species of flowers and herbs are used to beautify the 'Miracle Garden' that add colours to the Floriculture Site at the 2022 Malaysian Agriculture, Horticulture and Agro-tourism Exhibition (MAHA) this year.

Director-General of the Agriculture Department, Datuk Zahimi Hassan said its landscape, built with the cooperation of the Housing and Local Government Ministry, the Landscape Department, Putrajaya Corporation and Pos Malaysia, also featured faunal elements, including the use of about 300 butterflies and water fountains.

He said the Miracle Garden comprised eight flower gardens, namely the Rainbow Garden, Vertical Garden, Sunflower Garden,Tropical Garden, Petunia Garden, Orchid Garden, Urban Garden and English Garden.

These garden have their own uniqueness, he said, adding that at the Sunflower Garden, the decoration involved the use of hundreds of flowers arranged closely together to give an impact of the sun’s rays, and decorated with mirror and windmills to attract visitors.

"The Tropical Garden highlights more than 15 species of rare herbaceous plants and exotic flowers, such as the Giant Bird of Paradise, Lempoyang, Rattle Snake and Sepit Udang that are normally found in the highland forest area, like in the Cameron Highlands, in Pahang.

"All the plants at the Tropical Garden have good ethnobotanical function. They are not only beautiful, but can also be used as medicine.

"Visitors will feel like they are in the tropical forest when they are at the Tropical Garden," he told Bernama.

Zahimi said artificial pools, fountains, fences, arches and garden chairs, as well as Junipers were used to decorate the English Garden to make it looks like Hyde Park, in London.

At the Urban Garden, he said, visitors would be able to see sculptures with leaf motifs, as well as urban farming activities that use conventional methods such as raised beds.
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"They will also get to see modern hydroponic agriculture which can be done in the backyard or in the community garden area.

"This agricultural concept is expected to provide guidance to visitors on ways to save as well as to generate side income. Among the plants that are suitable for this cultivation are kaffir lime, musk lime, turmeric, pandan, mint, curry and chilli," he said.

Zahimi said various side activities such as demonstrations on the production of beauty products using flowers and herbs, sales of agricultural inputs and quiz were also held during the exhibition.

The Floriculture Site is one of the eight agricultural sites in addition to the Fisheries Site, Padi Site, Livestock Site, Herb and Vegetable Site, Fruit Site, Pineapple Site, and the Machinery Site at the MAHA 2022, being held at the Malaysian Agricultural Expo Park (MAEPS) here with the theme 'Food Security For the Future' . - BERNAMA

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