Donate blood at McDonald's ahead of Malaysia Day

06 Sep 2022 05:32pm
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There are many things that binds us together as a community, one of it would be through doing simple acts of kindness such as donating blood.

In the spirt of patriotism ahead of Malaysia Day, McDonald's has launched a blood donation campaign called "Darah Menyatukan Kita" which reflects how blood connects us all.

The campaign, is done in collaboration with the National Blood Bank and various hospital institutions.

To get this campaign rolling, about 29 selected McDonald's outlets will open their doors to the public for them to donate blood.

McDonald's Malaysia managing director and local operating partner, Datuk Azmir Jaafar said the blood donation drive captures the essence of who we are as Malaysains.

"By making it easy for Malaysians to donate blood at our restaurants, we hope that Malaysian will come out in full force to support this good cause.

“I believe our ‘Darah Menyatukan Kita’ campaign truly captures the essence of who we are as Malaysians – that we all have one thing in common uniting us as one, which is the blood that flows through each of us,” he said.

He hopes that beyond their ‘Darah Menyatukan Kita’ campaign period, Malaysians will be inspired to continue donating blood.

For more information and to participate in McDonald's Malaysia's blood donation campaign, visit
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