Pas practices mature politics despite being the most bullied - Abdul Hadi

25 Sep 2022 09:01pm
Pas president Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang
Pas president Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang

SHAH ALAM – Pas remains istiqamah (consistent) with Mature and Prosperous Political Culture (BPMS) despite being a party that is being bullied the most for the longest time.

Pas president Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang said actions have been taken against many of the party’s members under the Internal Security Act (ISA) besides some being killed in the Memali tragedy, among others.

Apart from that, he said the Pas government in Kelantan were denied the rights to oil royalty and a similar situation occurred when Pas governed Terengganu.

He added that it was also denied other rights such as that of under the Federal Constitution which were based on the concept of federalism.

“This has caused the Pas-led government to face problems that are difficult to resolve and is easily being criticised,” he said in a Facebook post on Sunday.

At the same time, he congratulated the people of Kelantan who continued to be patient with the party's struggles until now.

Abdul Hadi also slammed the claims made by certain parties that the Malays had failed to rule and described the parties as historically blind.

He said such statements touched on racism and racial sensitivities.

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"They made the statement like blind men and an elephant,” he said.

He said the fall of the previous Malay government was related to religion when the Islamic principles were weak that there were clashes as well as technological strength of the Europeans which gave military advantage to those who had colonised other nations and dominated the resources of the colonial lands.

He said there were more weaknesses of the Malays now due to the fact that thew were bullied during the colonial era from the Portuguese followed by Holland, British, France and Spain for centuries.

"However, the spirit of Islam that is still present in the Malays who are taught by Islam how to have a pluralistic society caused them not to act aggressively towards other races even though they have to accept the negative effects in terms of politics, economy and society.

“This was happening in states where there is a lot of Islamic education such as in the east coast and the north of the Peninsula.

"Therefore, those who point fingers at the Malays are very dishonest, immoral and uncivilised," he said.