GE15: Illogical to hold elections during monsoon season, says Puteri Wangsa rep

11 Oct 2022 02:58pm
Amira Aisya on her TikTok channel
Amira Aisya on her TikTok channel
SHAH ALAM - Its illogical to have election this year, says Puteri Wangsa representative Amira Aisya over her TikTok video while showing floods in SK Kangkar Tebrau, Johor.

She said the Oct 6 floods in her area was due to heavy rain and according to weather predictions, the water levels will continue to rise.

“The government said we can still have GE15 (this year) because there is no flooding yet. But now at SK Kangkar Tebrau, the water is already rising,” she said, adidng that schools are also used as a voting centres.

“Illogical to hold elections at this time, at the end of the year like this," she said.

The Muda deputy president also said that the civil servants would suffer the most if GE15 were held this year.

She added that for now, her team had been coordinating with all the relevant forces to cooperate together with the teachers of the schools.

“We have also rented a boat in case anything happens,” she said.

Amira further said Kangkar Tebrau was not the only flood-prone but Kampung Paya Kenangan, Kampung Bunga Ros and Taman Istimewa were also flood-prone areas.

“Election or no election, the most important thing is that we have to take care of the people first,” she said.
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