Scarf E for All, fashion beyond the hijab

06 Oct 2022 11:57am
Photo: eforezurin's Instagram
Photo: eforezurin's Instagram
It is about time to bust the stereotypes or perceptions that wearing the hijab, or scarf is only exclusive for Muslim women and that the sense of fashion is limited to other women.

Ezurin Khyra, a prominent fashion icon and socialite, has set her foot in the fashion industry by launching Scarf E for All women, regardless of position, skin colour, or religion.

In line with the launch of the scarf, Ezurin launched the E for All campaign whereby each collection is not only limited to Muslim women, but also intended for every woman regardless of rank, religion, race and every women has her own way of styling the scarf.

The fashion icon further remarked that she would not label her product as tudung because she does not wear it herself. Instead, scarf is the most appropriate term for her non-target market product.

“I don’t want to label my product as tudung because I don’t wear it myself. I don’t want to be hypocrite.

“To me, it’s about the design and how you wear it entirely is up to you,” she expressed in an interview with NONA Magazine.

Notwithstanding people's expectations that Ezurin would release a mass-market product with more expensive-looking materials or prices, she remained committed to selling the budget-friendly scarf for only RM29.

“I came from a humble family. When I was younger, I wish I could buy a scarf from luxurious brands such as Hermes, Prada and Versace. That is why today, I want to be the person who creates something affordable,” she told in the interview.

Sticking to the concept of versatile and vibrant, the former model designed her products in popping colours with 10 exclusive bold designs.
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In fact, more fashion ideas are emerging from the launch, including the scarf being worn as a turban, shawl, bawal, or wrapped around the neck or head for warmth and sun protection.

Get scarfing with E in enhancing your fashion sense while keeping your budget in handy and heading on to and start browsing for your own collection!
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