GE15: Rani Kulup aims to fight corruption

13 Nov 2022 10:24am
Rani Kulup with youth voters at Port Dickson..
Rani Kulup with youth voters at Port Dickson..

PORT DICKSON – Independent parliamentary candidate contesting in Port Dickson Abdul Rani Kulup Abdullah hopes to eradicate corruption in the country which he seen as becoming more rampant.

However, he admitted it was difficult if the government was still lined with those involved in corruption.

“If the leadership that is available now include those taking and giving bribes, how could we fight corruption?

“We must change leaderships that don’t perform their duties.

“Sometimes the information on the corruption is shared by people, but no actions were taken, so how could that happen,” he said.

He viewed the actions of the laws against the individuals involved with corruption needed to be changed to be stricter including the possibility of a death sentence.

He said the fines and prison sentences alone were not hefty enough, which made those involved in briberies feel afraid.

“I don’t want to promise anything, but if I was elected to become a member of Parliament, I will completely fight against corruption.

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“Our government is constantly with the same old faces, why not give someone else a chance.

“As long as these old faces become the leadership, that is how long corruption would be rampant in this country,” he said.

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