GE15: Rina Harun’s reign of controversies ends in Sepang

Bintang Malam
20 Nov 2022 02:46am
Rina Harun - BERNAMA
Rina Harun - BERNAMA

KUALA LUMPUR: Controversial caretaker Minister for Women, Family, and Community Development Datuk Seri Rina Harun join the ranks of Perikatan Nasional’s (PN) losers tonight as she fails to capture the Sepang seat.

Rina, who is the PN candidate for the Sepang seat trailed behind Pakatan Harapan (PH)’s Aiman Athirah with 47,315 votes, while Aiman secured 56,264 votes.

Since becoming the Women's Minister, Rina had courted controversy after controversy - most famously when her ministry posted a series of posters on social media under the “Kebahagiaan Rumahtangga (Household Harmony)” series.

In one of the posters, a caricature of a woman and man are seen hanging clothes to dry, with a message in Bahasa Malaysia that reads; “If your spouse does something that displeases you, don't nag him. Use humour and tell him 'this is the way you hang the clothes, my darling' (and use a Doraemon-like voice and giggle)”.

The poster then came under fire from netizens and women’s groups for its blatantly sexist and utterly dumb messaging.

Rina found herself in hot water again when she posted a TikTok video with local actor Rosyam Nor who invoked his gangster leader character from the film ‘KL Gangster 2’ and accuses women of always being tardy and should get up when there’s work to do - about an upcoming ministerial event.

Directly translated from Bahasa Malaysia, the actor said: “Women are always late to everything! Come on and wake up from your sleep. Tomorrow at the World Trade Centre I will have an appointment with Minister Rina Harun... Come and meet me so I can beat you up.”

Rina meanwhile, was seen smiling serenely next to him, completely nonplussed by a man threatening violence on a woman when she is the Women's Minister.
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However the most egregious of all was when Rina was accused of using a child abuse victim for a photo opportunity when she took her entourage and photographers to document her visit.

Rina was previously the MP for Titiwangsa which she won in 2018 on a PH ticket but was moved to Sepang for the 15th General Election.