Pas needs to hold important positions in the unity government cabinet

25 Nov 2022 03:46pm
Fariz Irwan.
Fariz Irwan.

KUALA TERENGGANU – Pas needs to highlight those of calibre to hold important positions in the cabinet if the party decides to join the unity government.

Terengganu Law and Human Rights Graduate Welfare Organisation (LUHAM Care) secretary Datuk Fariz Irwan Mustafa said it was based on the large composition won by the party in the 15th General Election (GE15).

He explained that the role played by Pas leaders in the government was important to ensure transparency and smooth administration, especially towards facing the post-Covid-19 economic challenges.

“In my personal opinion, Pas has many charismatic leaders.

“Pas could also no longer act against the grip of the tawaduk and zuhud by rejecting important positions in the government.

“Pas MPs are the largest composition elected by the people and succeeded in forming a bloc in GE15, so Pas needs to ‘lead the wave’ and ‘lead’ the country,” he said when contacted, here, on Friday.

Fariz, also a legal practitioner, said that as the party won a large number of seats in GE15, Pas needed to fill the central government’s strategic portfolios, especially the Finance Ministry and Home Ministry.

He explained that the community’s perception of Pas that it was only capable of taking care of religious affairs must be eliminated.

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“Pas should lead by holding important portfolios in the Central Government.

“Pas did not win 18 or 23 seats but 49 seats, which forms the largest bloc among the parties that won in the last election.

“Pas also had many leaders that could stand out. Don’t think that when BN or Pakatan Harapan (PH) wanted to rule, we were dependent on the leaders.

“The fact is, we’re no less great than any other party,” he said.

Fariz said other positions could be given to BN and Bersatu even though the people had seen the hegemony or influence of Umno at this time has shifted to Pas.

He also said if a unity government is to be realised, the positions of senior ministers needed to be abolished and instead the posts of Deputy Prime Minister 1 (DPM1), DPM 2 and DPM 3 should be created.

“What should be considered in a unity government is to create the post of DPM1 from the West Coast state, DPM 2 (East Coast) and DPM 3 from Sabah and Sarawak because it is fairer and more comprehensive.

“One of the formulations to form a unity government is that it is necessary to take into account all parties, not just the opposition,” he said.

Pas in a statement on Friday said the party with the Perikatan National (PN) component would discuss the offer from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to join the unity government as soon as possible.

Its Secretary-General Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan said the party would also monitor the views and preparations of the people primarily voters before finalising any decision.

The media previously reported that Anwar welcomed the participation of PN and other parties to join the unity government and was ready to accept their participation to unite the country.