Hospital Sultanah Hajah Kalsom makes history

03 Dec 2022 10:09am
Hospital Sultanah Hajah Kalsom.
Hospital Sultanah Hajah Kalsom.

CAMERON HIGHLANDS - Hospital Sultanah Hajah Kalsom here has made a history of initiating low-risk case services through the activation of the anaesthetic unit under the supervision of anaesthetists from Hospital Kuala Lipis starting Dec 1 with three surgeries as a start.

Pahang Health director Datuk Dr Nor Azimi Yunus said the two cases of surgery involved removing iron plates from the bones of male teenagers aged 16 and 18, while another case involved a 22-year-old woman who underwent cleansing surgery on dead tissues on the bone surface after suffering a fracture.

Dr Nor Azimi said the operation process went smoothly and safely.

He added that such services are the first in the Pahang state under the Health Ministry (MoH) Global Surgery initiative.

“This initiative aims to provide surgical expertise involving general anaesthesia that can benefit the community in Pahang's west region, especially the residents of Cameron Highlands.

“With the support of the MOH secretary-general and the director-general, the Pahang State Health Department would like to inform that the anaesthetic elective surgery at the Hospital Sultanah Hajah Kalsom's surgical hall, Cameron Highlands has started to operate on an official basis,” he said in a statement on Friday.

He said the operation started on Dec 1, with the assistance of experts from Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan (HTAA) Kuantan and Hospital Kuala Lipis.

To date, the surgical services operating in this hospital involve general surgery, orthopaedics, gynaecology and have the potential to be improved in the future, he added.

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Meanwhile, Dr Nor Azimi also hoped that with the availability of such services, the community around Pahang's west region especially Cameron Highlands would have the option to undergo surgical procedures for low-risk cases in the hospital.