We did it! Sinar Daily turns one today

01 Jan 2023 11:37am
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Dear readers,

Sinar Daily was established with a purpose to be the alternative option for Malaysians, to report the under-reported and also serve as a platform for the unserved.

We stand by our tagline “We Are Transparent, We Are Truthful” from all sides of the divide, to remain unbiased, unfiltered and equal to views and opinions to the people, from the experts and key figures.

We strive to motivate Malaysians to not only obtain factual and accurate information but also trigger them to discover and learn something beyond their comfort zone.

The journey has not been easy as we started with a four-women team but have slowly grown with a core team in place.

Since Sinar Daily’s launch on Jan 1, 2022, we have garnered a total 12.7 million page views and 2.7 million unique views, and although the first three months took some time, things picked up quickly soon after.

We are delighted to note that we not only have readers from Malaysia but also other countries such as Singapore, the United States and the United Kingdom, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, India and also Norway among others.

We are also present on all key social media platforms with nearly 100,000 followers and home to video programmes Politically Frank, Relatable, Bang For Your Buck, Dazzle, flagship show Wacana English Edition and the quick one minute news update Top News Today that aims to ensure the conversation continues beyond the viral timeframe.

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For 2023, Sinar Daily will maintain true to its purpose and focus on highlighting issues surrounding the economy, women and children, sustainability and climate change as well as institutional reforms.

It has been predicted to be a bleak year for many and Sinar Daily will strive to be with you during this challenging period.

We want to serve the community, we want to be your voice and we want to highlight progressive reforms in all areas, securing the Malaysia’s social, economic, civil and political rights.

Sinar Daily passes the one year milestone today, and with that we have also launched the Sinar Daily mobile application available on all operating systems.

It has been a year of resilience, growth and acceptance, and we hope to reimagine Malaysia for the better in years to come.

Thank you for staying loyal.


Sinar Daily