Family needs to raise RM100,000 to bring home comatose Umrah pilgrim

12 Jan 2023 09:26pm
Image for illustrative purposes only - FILE PIX
Image for illustrative purposes only - FILE PIX
Kuala Lumpur: A family is seeking the public's help to raise RM100,000 to bring home a 26-year old woman who has been in a state of coma in Mecca since Dec 29.

Fatin Amirah Rosli had performed the Umrah with her father and two siblings and was supposed to return to Malaysia on Jan 1, but on the morning of Dec 29 she was discovered unconscious after falling in the bathroom their hotel, as reported by Harian Metro.

Her elder sister Fatin Amalina, 29, said Fatin Amirah had entered the toilet prior to dawn prayers and had fainted before she was rushed to hospital and subsequently suffered a cardiac arrest for about 10 minutes, which scans revealed had caused some brain damage.

"Luckily, she had screamed as she fell, before she fainted. My father heard her screams and managed to open the bathroom door and brought her straight to the emergency unit at the Ajyad Hospital in Mecca," said Fatin Amalina.

She added that doctors had sought the family's permission to move Fatin Amirah to the intensive care unit (ICU) as blood clots were discovered in her lungs and heart, before she was moved to the King Abdullah Medical City, where she has been in a coma, attached to a life support machine.

"The MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan showed she suffered some severe brain damage due to the lack of oxigen when her heart stopped for about 10 minutes on the evening of the incident," said Fatin Amalina, adding that doctors had informed the family that in such cases the patients usually require three to four months before regaining consciousness.

She said the family was still awaiting approval from doctors to bring Fatin Amirah home to Malaysia.

"Doctors have requested until Sunday to decide whether to allow Fatin Amirah to be moved, while the total medical costs have also not been concluded," she said, adding that the Malaysian embassy had informed the family that the cost to fly Fatin Amirah home in her condition would be RM100,000 which has to be borne by the family.

"We are at a loss. We have sought help from relatives and friends, but it still isn't enough," she said.
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Fatin Amalina however said her family was grateful that their father was not left to handle the situation alone, as many Malaysians based in Saudi Arabia had come forward to offer assistance.

"For the moment, there is enough to cover my father's expenses. There are many Malaysians there who have come forward and helped my father by providing food and acting as translators when communicating with doctors at the hospital," said Fatin Amalina.

"My family seeks the public's prayers for the recovery and wellbeing of my sister. We also hope that the funds required to cover the cost of bringing her home can be gathered," she said.

Members of the public who would like to help this family in need can channel their donations to the Maybank account number 164191950759 under the name of Rosli Nawi.