'The ships never arrived', Syed Saddiq questions investigation of the LCS case

06 Jun 2023 06:43pm
Syed Saddiq. - FILE PIC
Syed Saddiq. - FILE PIC

SHAH ALAM - Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (MUDA) president Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman today questioned the investigation on the littoral combat ship (LCS).

He said the investigation did not seem to have any recent developments, other than the overall cost of the project which has increased to RM11.2 billion

Syed Saddiq who is also the Member of Parliament for Muar said the issue needs to be explained to the people, as it involves their taxes that have been spent for national security.

“Billions of Malaysian tax money have been spent on it and what is more annoying is the original number of the ship had been six and how it has been reduced to only five ships.

“The costs have increase, and still no signs of the ships arriving it this seems weird," he said in a video uploaded on Facebook on Tuesday.

Syed Saddiq added the ship should have arrived a long time ago according to the original plan, but what has happened was the opposite.

He urged the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to look into the matter.

The Muar MP also reminded the authorities to not be afraid and to be brave in issues which involve the nations security and sovereignty

“As a Member of Parliament for Muar, I will bring an urgent proposal to debate this issue and let us find out the truth. The truth must win,” he said.

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