Umno Seremban denies sending objection notice to RoS

21 Jan 2023 01:08pm
Umno Seremban chief Mustafa Salim
Umno Seremban chief Mustafa Salim

SEREMBAN - Umno Seremban division denies their involvement with one of the members who sent an objection notice for the 2022 Umno General Assembly (PAU) decision to the Registrar of Societies (RoS) in regards to the president and deputy president positions not being contested.

Umno Seremban chief Mustafa Salim said his party never made any objection or report regarding the motion.

“We also unanimously supported the motion that was brought by Rembau representative, who also represents Umno Negeri Sembilan, so that the top two positions are not contested.

“So there is no issue regarding disagreement, and I want to stress that Muhammad Fiqri Firdaus Muhammad Rom’s action is his personal action, he does not represent Umno Seremban,” he told Sinar Harian on Saturday.

According to him, Umno Seremban chose to respect the party's decisions because the motion to not contest the top two positions received support from more than 90 per cent of the representatives.

However, Mustafa did not deny that there were a few members who did not agree with the decision.

“But as a party member, we need to follow the majority, and we should not carelessly express our objections.

“Fiqri is an ordinary member and is involved in many non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and he is a strong supporter of former Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin,” he said.

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He stated that he would discuss with the Seremban political bureau to take action against Fiqri because he should refer his objection to the Umno Seremban division and not take any action recklessly.

Before this, two of the Umno Kuala Nerus and Seremban division members broke the party constitution during the previous PAU.