Vincenzo star Song Joong-Ki confirms marriage to Katy Louise Saunders

30 Jan 2023 05:41pm
Vincenzo star Song Joong-Ki (right) with spouse Katy Louise Saunders - Instagram
Vincenzo star Song Joong-Ki (right) with spouse Katy Louise Saunders - Instagram
Vincenzo star Song Joong-Ki has confirmed that he had tied the knot with British former actress Katy Louise Saunders.

The news was verified in a letter written by himself informing that they had already registered their marriage and that his wife is currently pregnant.

His agency, HighZium Studio corroborated it and added that the ceremony will take place in the future.

Allkpop captured the South Korean heartthrob's message to his fans: "Hello, this is Joong-Ki. I wanted to share the happiest and most important promise in my life with you all.

"I have promised Katy Louise Saunders, who has been supporting me and sharing time together, to spend the rest of my life together. She has a kind heart and she has led a passionate life.

"She is a wise and amazing person, who I admire. Thanks to her, I'm becoming a better person.

"Naturally, we both wanted to make a happy family. We have been trying hard to keep each other's promise and gratefully, we have welcomed a precious life between the two of us.

"So today, we have registered our marriage as a couple, based on our deepest love and trust. We will continue walking our path looking in the same direction.

"Thank you to all the fans who have been sending unchanging support from the bottom of my heart. Especially, I will put even more passion and responsibility into becoming a better actor and person as your wish and support throughout my acting career.
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"I hope you all stay healthy and happy until we can see each other in person," the actor wrote.

The actor made it clear last December that he was in a relationship when rumours were spreading about his girlfriend's pregnancy.

This followed a netizen spotting the couple leaving a gynaecology clinic with Katy in loose clothing and was stroking her belly.

According to reports, the parents-to-be met through a mutual friend and had been dating for over a year.

Notably, Song openly thanked Katy and her dogs during his acceptance speech at APAN Star Awards last September when he won the grand prize award for hit drama Vincenzo.