Umno polls: Allow candidates to campaign through mass, social media - Shahrir

03 Feb 2023 09:48am
Tan Sri Shahrir Ab Samad. FILE PIX
Tan Sri Shahrir Ab Samad. FILE PIX

SHAH ALAM - The Umno Election Committee proposes amendments by the Umno supreme council to allow candidates in the party's election to campaign through mass media and social media.

Its chairman Tan Sri Shahrir Ab Samad said the flexibility in campaigning using the platform provided that the candidate did not slander and insult other opponents and did not violate Article 5.3 of the Umno Member Code of Ethics.

"We are aware that the campaigning period is so short and there are prohibitions in Umno members' code of ethics that make it difficult and narrow the candidate's way of campaigning.

"So we have recommended to the supreme council to be given flexibility in campaigning using mass media and social media but only to support candidates on the condition of not slandering, defaming and insulting any candidate and not violating Article 5.3 of the Umno Members' Code of Ethics," he said as quoted in local news portal on Thursday.

Previously, the media reported that the Umno election would be held from Feb 1 to March 18.

Umno Secretary General, Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan said the Umno annual conference at the branch level and committee election, Wanita, Youth Movement and Puteri Movement would be held from Feb 1 to 26.

Shahir further said any complaints involving misconduct during the campaign period should be reported to the Umno Disciplinary Board immediately.

"Umno Election Committee hopes that all parties involved in the 2023 Umno election will provide cooperation and support in addition to complying with rules and prohibitions to ensure that the Umno election process can take place perfectly," he said.

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He also informed that the Umno State and Division Liaison Offices were allowed to hold an identification session for candidates contesting as information to grassroots members.

In the meantime, Shahrir reminded the candidates who will compete in the party election to adopt a healthy campaign pattern to maintain the harmony of the Umno.

He said the candidates were also advised to examine the Umno Election rules as stated in the party Constitution.

"The supreme council decided that the campaigning period will be from Feb 1 until March 19, 2023.

“I hope all candidates at various levels examine all the rules and matters in the Umno member's code of ethics in addition to obeying those matters.

"This is our advice that the code of ethics for Umno members is a guideline in terms of conduct, decisions and behavior of each candidate so consult and understand so as not to violate the matter," he explained.

He explained that during the Umno 2023 Election campaign, one of the prohibited things was the Group Inauguration Ceremony at all levels, especially the Branches from Feb 1 to 26 2023.

"All leaders (four levels) at the branch level and all leaders (four levels) in the Division are prohibited from speaking before the Selection and Voting process is carried out.

"Please refer to the Conference Agenda / Representative Meeting which has been approved by the Umno supreme council," he said.