'They were very sporting and friendly,' says Sofian on working with Ant-Man stars

03 Feb 2023 11:31am
Sofyank shares his success on his Twitter account. Photo source @sofyank96
Sofyank shares his success on his Twitter account. Photo source @sofyank96

Malaysian VFX creator Mohamad Sofian Abdullah who is currently in Sydney, Australia shooting video content with “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” stars Paul Rudd and Jonathan Majors, describes the experience as an opportunity of a lifetime.

Sofian, who also goes by Sofyank or @sofyank96 on Twitter, said it was a pleasant experience meeting the actors.

“So far, what we have planned turned out very well and they were very sporting, friendly and welcoming.

“They went all out with their actions, it made me feel like we were shooting a real movie!” he told Sinar Daily in a phone interview.

He further shared that the opportunity came from an invitation by Disney.

“When I received the invitation, I was extremely excited to tell my friends,” said Sofian whose videos are also produced with the help of his friends, Addeen Abu Bakar and Muhammad Shafiq Nasruddin Faisal.

“We were all so happy because we typically shoot our content in Malaysia. So to be given a chance to do this abroad is just exciting,” he added.

When asked if there were any memorable incidents with the Hollywood stars, he said he’ll share more on that soon.

“Of course I have memorable experiences with them but I can’t share it just yet,” he said.

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As for the upcoming video, he said there will be a surprise element which he can’t wait to share with his followers.

“What they can expect is to see a new effect I created and I made it based on the upcoming movie.”

Rudd and Majors are not the first Hollywood stars Sofyan has worked with.

He previously did a video with Will Smith and Ryan Reynolds respectively.

Sofyan added he felt extremely humbled to be joining hands with big names in the entertainment industry.

“When I get an opportunity like this, I feel extremely grateful because I could share and present my talent to the world.

For someone who enjoys video making and production, Sofian shared he would like to open a production house one day and become a filmmaker with his friends.

Riding on his expertise, he aims to focus on movies that applies computer generated imaginary (CGI), effects and illusions.

Rudd and Majors are currently in Australia to attend a fan event for “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania”.

The film is one of the most awaited films by Marvel fans this year.

Rudd plays Ant-Man while Majors plays Kang the Conqueror in the movie.

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