Working Towards Abolishing Mandatory Death Penalty

17 Mar 2023 11:16pm
Malaysia has shown its intention to move towards the abolishment of the mandatory death penalty ever since a moratorium on death penalty was put in place in 2018.

As of February 2022, 1,341 people were reported to be on death row in Malaysia, including 506 (38 per cent) foreign nationals.

With the winding road to abolishing the mandatory death penalty coming into sight, we examine the potential impacts it will have on our country.

Will this signal a more equitable punishment and reforms within our criminal justice system?

Will this leave a big impact on our society whether it is in a positive or negative way?
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Join our host Meor Addelan at 8.30pm on March 17 with Deputy Law and Institutional Reforms Minister Ramkarpal Singh and our panel of experts where we will go in depth into this topic.