Dr Mahathir gives Anwar seven days to withdraw accusations

28 Mar 2023 10:53am
Dr Mahathir during a press conference on Tuesday
Dr Mahathir during a press conference on Tuesday
SHAH ALAM: Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir gives Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim seven days to withdraw the accusations levelled against him.

The alleged accusations were reportedly made during the president's policy speech at the 2023 PKR Special National Congress at Melawati Stadium on Saturday.

Dr Mahathir said the notice of claim was submitted to the Prime Minister's office on Monday.

He said, even though Anwar did not mention any names in the speech but it was understood that it was directed at him over the 22 years and 22 months reign period statement.

"The people understand that the accusation were thrown at me," he said in a press conference at Perdana Leadership Foundation here today.

He said, Anwar also labelled him as a scoundrel (rogue) in his speech which is considered an act of malice.

"This scoundrel gives an ugly impression of me unless Anwar shows proof that I have earned billions of ringgit, transferred money abroad and did not pay taxes," he said.

Dr Mahathir said, as a prime minister, Anwar needs to be responsible for his speech.

"There are many accusations in his speech. He used to say that (but) not as the prime minister. Now as the prime minister (he) cannot make such accusations without solid proof," he said.
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Meanwhile, in the notice of claim distributed to reporters, lawyer Muhammad Rafique Rashid Ali said the statements made by Anwar were false and aimed to create various bad perceptions of his client, Dr Mahathir.

"The statement has tarnished our client's image as a statesman, who is also a two-time former prime minister and has a respectable reputation as a politician and leader in the world," he said.

Therefore, he demanded that Anwar retract all statements issued against his client and to make an unconditional open apology with an 'Aku Janji' pledge within seven days.

Anwar, who is also Pakatan Harapan (PH) chairman during the President's policy speech at the 2023 PKR Special National Congress, recently, said the people especially the Malays no longer need to be fooled by certain leaders' statement who claimed to fight for the rights of the race, but at the same time amassed wealth.

"There is an individual now after 22 years and 22 months holding power, is complaining about the Malays losing everything - property, shares, everything.

"How would the Malay powers not be lost if you were hogging everything for your family and children. Now when you have lost your power, you start to talk about the people," he said.