Five-year-old boy harassed his twin due to sex addiction

"He was addicted to having sex after frequently watching his mother engage in sexual intercourse with a man."

15 May 2024 06:06pm
Illustrative picture.
Illustrative picture.

SHAH ALAM – Due to frequently watching his mother having sexual intercourse with her boyfriend, a five-year-old boy ends up harassing his twin sibling.

Federal police Sexual, Women and Children's Investigation Division (D11) deputy director Senior Assistant Commissioner Siti Kamsiah Hassan said the case which happened a few years ago had changed the boy’s life in becoming addicted to sexual intercourse.

"The incident unfolded when the victim, who was the perpetrator's twin sibling, complained about pain within their private area.

"The investigation found that the crime was committed by the victim's brother because he was addicted to having sex after frequently watching his mother engage in sexual intercourse with a man in their home," she said during a sex-related crime briefing in a community dialogue session at the Selangor Contingent Police Headquarters (IPK) here on Wednesday.

Kamsiah said these sexual crime cases would lead to a moral collapse in the society.

"What’s concerning is sexual crimes involve these children being not only the victims but predators as well.

"In addition, statistics also recorded that 70 per cent of the victims of sexual crimes are children between the ages of 13 and 18 and it is likely due to maturity factors other than their own aspects of life," she said.

Therefore, Kamsiah highlighted that all parties play an important role in ensuring that sexual crime could be overcome, especially involving children.

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"The responsibility of parents in monitoring their children's development and movements is important to avoid their involvement in unethical things.

"In addition, the community also plays a role in reporting any related incidents to the authorities immediately to ensure that appropriate action can be taken," she said.