Four reasons Julie’s Love Letters should be part of your Raya festivities

19 Apr 2023 09:02am
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Nothing binds us together like good food, snacks included!

This Raya season will be all about indulging in scrumptious Raya dishes as we reunite and bond with family and friends.

Aside from the delicious food that we will soon indulge in, one of the things that Malaysians look forward to is the never-ending selection of “kuih Raya”.

What are your must-have kuih Raya or snacks?

Traditional kuih raya like pineapple tarts, semperit, kuih bangkit never fail to evoke nostalgic feelings.

But there are also snacks that we can enjoy during the festive season and beyond, like crispy wafer rolls or as Malaysians like to call them, Love Letters.

This Raya, Julie’s has rolled out its limited edition Love Letters just for Raya season.

With distinct flavours such as Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla and Lemon - the Love Letters come in tubs for easy sharing. Get this, Love Letters Lemon comes with “duit Raya” packets too!

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Here are four reasons you should make Love Letters by Julie’s Biscuits part of your Raya festivities.


Following last year’s surprise announcement on the Raya date, those celebrating also anticipate the same for this year.

If you haven’t had time to fill up your cookie jars with any Raya cookies or snacks, fret not! Love Letters by Julie’s will save the day.

They are easy to store, and enjoyed by both the young and old. Plus, they’re easily available at the nearest supermarket.


Every festive season is when you’ll see Malaysians journey outside of Klang Valley to celebrate Raya in their hometown.

With hours on the road due to heavy traffic, snacks are there to fuel you up and keep your family (especially the young ones) occupied throughout the ride.

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Whether it’s relatives you’ve not seen in a while, meeting someone new or even catching up with old friends, Love Letters are great conversation starters. The convenient tubs make for a great gift too if you want to bring something to a family gathering.

They might be familiar with Love Letters in flavours of chocolate or strawberry, but have they tried lemon flavour? Talk about how there are various flavours offered - and how you can reuse the convenient tub! This brings us to the next point.


The Love Letters aren’t just presented in standard packaging, the tub that it comes with can also be used to store anything else after it's been given a good rinse once the Love Letters are finished.

WIth this, you can easily take away food from mum’s place, or simply store anything in there!

So there you have it. Grab your tub of Love Letters by Julie’s Biscuits, which are easily available at the nearest store or online via Julie’s Lazada or Julie’s Shopee.

For more information head to Julie’s’ Facebook and Instagram pages and check out