This local skincare brand 'Pause & Oomph' helps to relieve dry skin

28 Apr 2023 05:29pm
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In the past few months, I have experienced dry skin around my nose as well as cracked lips.

For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out why. I thought it was due to make-up, but I was told that it could be due to the facial cleanser that I was using at the time.

I was then introduced to Pause & Oomph, a local skincare brand that formulates its products with natural ingredients.

Perfect - this is just what I need to hopefully restart my skincare.

With me, I have the Pause-V Brightening Cleanser, Intense Hydrating Rice Serum, and the Pause Brightening Facial Essence.

The products by Pause & Oomph are free from parabens, chemicals, or artificial fragrances. True enough, there is not a fragrant smell as I take a whiff of the bottle.

I like the packaging - its frosted glass bottle is aesthetically pleasing, and I feel that its minimalist feel reflects what the product offers, fuss-free and straightforward skincare.

Pause & Oomph says that the Pause-V Brightening Cleanser is made with an infusion of strawberry extracts and three base natural oils to lift even a dull or tired complexion after a long day.

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This is important for me. Juggling between my roles as a wife, mother, and editor - I tend to feel tired a lot and it shows on my complexion.

I do like the light texture of the cleanser and that it doesn’t foam too much when I lather it on my skin.

The texture of Pause Brightening Facial Essence is extremely lightweight and doesn’t leave a sticky residue, it almost feels like you are tapping on water.

But I like that it dries quickly so that I can apply the Intense Hydrating Rice Serum faster (us mothers don’t have time to wait three minutes in between each skincare product upon application).

Because I’ve heard so many benefits that rice water offers, I was undoubtedly excited to try this one in particular.

I made the mistake of dropping 3 drops on my hand - one to two drops is enough to cover the entire face.

This takes a little longer to dry as it is thicker, but I appreciate that this too doesn’t leave a sticky residue.

Pause & Oomph founder Pamela Goh said: “Beauty is a total wellness programme from the inside out — all of our products are made with this motto in mind!

Too often, we women end up neglecting self-care as we age and take on bigger responsibilities in life, and the skin is the first place where the signs start showing.

To me, caring for your skin is not just applying tons of products; it’s also about rejuvenating it from the inside out.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Other than the three products I mentioned, Pause & Oomph also offers toner, and a clay mask.

But to further enhance the beauty from the inside, the brand also offers a range of supplements.

The line consists of multivitamins, booster drinks, and probiotics fibre drinks that can even be pre-workout or post-workout smoothies.

For those taking care of their skin and body at a more advanced age, the brand also has a beauty collagen range with sakura (cherry blossoms), bird’s nest, peptides, or mixed berries.

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“Skin isn’t magically transformed by a ten-step skincare regime or adding lots of products. It’s cared for by the quality ingredients that go into what you apply or eat — and, although not talked about as often, empowering yourself in understanding how those ingredients can help your specific skin type or condition,” said Pamela.


I have been using the products for more than two weeks and safe to say it's going great so far. Most importantly, the dry skin around my nose and my lips have significantly reduced.

It’s funny how I could slather on any type of facial cleanser when I was in my teens, but now that I’m in my 30s, I have to pay extra attention to what I use in my skincare routine.

Glad to know that Pause & Oomph has helped to improve my skin condition.

Curious skincare enthusiasts can also go through the website’s ingredient glossary. It is a full and transparent list of ingredients used in their products — complete with their uses, side effects, and effective application tips!


Pause & Oomph is giving 25 per cent discount off any purchase from its website. The voucher code is SINARDAILY25

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Pause & Oomph products are made with love right here in Malaysia and have been certified by the Ministry of Health. The full range is available for purchase via its official website or Shopee, with both nationwide and international shipping options.

For more information or to place an order, please visit: