Young Umno members need to adapt to change - Bung Moktar

11 May 2023 05:45pm
Bung Moktar
Bung Moktar
KOTA KINABALU - UMNO members, especially the young ones, need to observe and understand the history of the party’s struggle and then adapt to the current changes to enable UMNO to remain relevant as the people’s preferred political party.

Sabah UMNO chief Datuk Seri Bung Moktar Radin said UMNO, which has entered its 77th year of its establishment, is not born on the street, but was formed from the hard work of the forefathers and freedom fighters until Maaysia became an independent and sovereign country.

"Until today, this sacred party is still able to survive,” he said in a statement in conjunction with UMNO’s 77th anniversary today.

Nevertheless, he said UMNO could not rely solely on the strength of its history but must strive to prove that it is still relevant and a party of choice.

"We must adapt to the changes because no matter how strong were are, if we refuse to change, the party will suffer,” said Bung Moktar who is also UMNO Supreme Council member.

Bung Moktar said it is a priority to strengthen the party at all levels, as well as unity among its members and translate the teamwork among leaders to ensure that UMNO’s slogan of Dulu, Kini dan Selamanya (Then, Now and Forever) will remain relevant.

In the context of Sabah UMNO, he said for 33 years, the party had given significant service and brought so much development to the people.

"Throughout 28 years of leading the Sabah government, UMNO has done so much for the people, no one can deny that,” he said.

Bung Moktar also expressed confidence that the grassroots support for Sabah UMNO is still strong despite the many trials and tribulations, including having to deal with a few of its leaders acting like wolves in sheep’s clothing.
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"They (the wolves) can never shake Sabah UMNO,” he added. - BERNAMA