Internet users in disbelief, disgusted with woman sharing explicit content on "marriage"

13 May 2023 09:48pm
Screenshots from Twitter
Screenshots from Twitter

SHAH ALAM - A woman, claiming to be an Ustazah (religious teacher), has gotten herself in hot water with the authorities after Internet users exposed her online “marriage advice” Telegram groups containing immoral and explicit sexual content.

She claimed that she was doing it for a mission; to give motivation and guidance on domestic issues and the “true” way on how wives should treat their husbands.

Her solution? Be your husband's prostitute.

What irked many even more was how she shared detailed experiences both with her ex-husband and current husband how they liked things to be done.

Some Twitter users who were in disbelief argued that the user could have been a fake account belonging to a man pretending to be her. However, a few users said they had watched her live streams from her own personal social media platforms and had propagated the same ideas and topics as discussed.

She had previously said in a previous posting that the group was created as a place for husbands and wives to express their problems related to intimate relationships without censorship.

Twitter user @_AmranFans, who posted the exposé, said many people had lodge reports numerous times about the woman and her online activities for the past few years but nothing happened.

This Telegram group has reached hundreds of thousands of followers.

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Twitter user Nina Azhari @therealmiznina said she had once told this woman off on Facebook for equating wives to a prostitute. The woman responded to her with "The problem is are you giving nafkah batin (inner sustenance) or not?".

Nina said why did it matter whether she gave it or not as the issue at hand was the woman propagating such beliefs.

Another user with the tweethandle @Na_sakinah93 (Sakinah_AbdulRahim) said this woman was her former sister-in-law as she was previously married to the woman's younger brother.

Sakinah said even her siblings did not like this woman and criticised her weird behaviours and oversharing on the Internet.

"She once advised me to treat my husband like a king but it was okay for him to treat me like a prostitute," she posted.

Meanwhile, user Melur kencana (@ninsahman) expressed her surprise as this woman's Facebook postings were still "clean enough" for public's viewing but the opposite and wild in Telegram.

A report has been made to the Malaysian Communications Multimedia Commission (MCMC) for further action by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) as instructed by the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (Religious Affairs) Datuk Dr Mohd Na'im Mokhtar.

In the same statement, he also instructed Jakim to call her up and have a meeting in a bid for some advice and guidance.

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