'Worry about national issues instead', youths tell Pas over call to cancel Coldplay concert

16 May 2023 02:53pm
Coldplay will be performing live in Malaysia at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium on Nov 22, this year.
Coldplay will be performing live in Malaysia at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium on Nov 22, this year.

SHAH ALAM - Pas should be focusing on national issues and the welfare of the people instead of calling for the cancellation of popular British rock band Coldplay's concert.

Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (Muda) Kota Raja division chief Gouthem Raj Rajenthran, 25, said Pas as a political party should be focusing on national issues and the welfare of the people.

He said the statement made by a Pas leader to call for the concert to be cancelled was merely to seek attention.

"The reason (given by Pas) that (the concert) did not bring any benefits is false as the stadium is being rented for the purpose and many small-time business vendors in the surrounding areas will be benefitting from the concert too.

"International concerts, directly and indirectly help the country financially and in terms of publicity to promote the country. It also boosts the tourism industry with fans from neighboring countries coming to visit to enjoy the concert," he said.

Goythem was commenting on the recent statement by Pas central working committee member Nasrudin Hassan who voiced concerns over Coldplay's concert which was scheduled to be held on Nov 22, this year.

Nasrudin claimed that the government was promoting a culture of hedonism and deviance among Malaysians by allowing the concert to be held in the country and urged the unity government to cancel the concert which will be held at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

Meanwhile, A. Thanabalan, 27, from Melaka said a concert held by an international band in the country was a good move as it would help with the economic growth and potentially benefit consumers as well as the government.

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"Malaysia being one of the countries which imposes a high tax on entertainment, at 25 per cent would be a great revenue for the government.

"Besides that, concerts such as K-Pop group BlackPink and Indian music composer AR Rahman, which were held at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium this year had a massive turnout which in turn supports the local vendors and Airbnb owners and hotels as well as other sectors.

"So, bringing an international concert to Malaysia is definitely a win-win situation for consumers and the government," he told Sinar Daily.

He aded that music was not about race and religion and having a band that emphasised on inclusiveness and environmental sustainability will not jeopardise the dignity of the nation.

Thanabalan said the comment made by the Pas leader on the concert was merely to get attention.

Social Media Strategist S. Shamundeswary, 27, said Nasrudin's comments saying that Coldplay promoted hedonism and deviant culture was a narrow perspective.

He said it was time to look at such initiatives on a bigger scale as concerts drive businesses to the country besides benefitting the tourism industry by bringing in tourists.

"It also creates job opportunities for locals.

"On another note, if we do not encourage concerts in our country, celebrities from our country will not be given mutual respect in the field or even called upon to perform on bigger stages.

"Pas should also take into consideration that this is a multiracial country with many cultures. Music and concerts are also a part of culture whether or not it's traditional or progressive art," she said.

She added that Pas pushing and forcing their views on a multiracial society did not reflect good governance.

Nur Amalina Imran, 26, said she and her friends were looking forward to the concert.

She said she did not find it to be a problem for concerts involving international artists to be held in the country.

Organising such concerts, she said would even boost the economy in the county and would in fact benefit many.

"By organising such concerts, more international artists might come and perform in the country in the future and it would help boost the economic sector too," she said when contacted.

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