Politically Frank: Wrong to say Pas an extremist party, we practice true Islam, says Pas MP

30 May 2023 09:00am
Salamiah Mohd Nor, Temerloh MP
Salamiah Mohd Nor, Temerloh MP

SHAH ALAM - Extremism and radicalism are commonly used by critics to describe Pas but the question remains if is it true. PAS MP Salamiah Mohd Nor says this is not the case. Salamiah argued that the Islamic political party has never been involved in any acts of violence or killings.

"There is no extremism in religion. For us, we practice true islam.

"In Kelantan, we have been ruling for a long time, and we respect non-Muslims," she said on Sinar Daily’s Politically Frank.

Salamiah said that there is no exaggeration within the party and expressed her disdain for any misguided or incorrect perceptions of Pas.

Previously, Pas president Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang had cast non-Muslims and non-Bumiputeras as being at the root of corruption.

In February, Pas youth wing had organised Taliban-like march where participants dressed as Islamic warriors and carrying replica weapons, "resembled a platoon of armed troops going to war".

Sexual Offences Against Children Bill

In addition, she hoped for the Sexual Offences Against Children Bill will effectively address to curb the alarming increase in child abuse cases reported over the past year.

"I am confident that this (amendment) will be able to reduce what is happening," she said.

The Temerloh MP also emphasised the importance of educating children about abuse from a young age in order to empower them to protect themselves.

"We must seize the opportunity to teach children in kindergarten. We must seize the opportunity to teach children, especially on important matters, and we must be transparent.

"Secondly, we must teach them about sensitive topics. It should be nurtured from a young age.

"We need to know and understand. There must also be cooperation from teachers and parents themselves," she said.

Previously, 220 cases of children dying from abuse were recorded between 2018 and 2022.

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