Lack of sugar supply in small grocery stores

23 May 2023 10:23am
Traders had to limit the sale of sugar to customers - FILEPIC
Traders had to limit the sale of sugar to customers - FILEPIC
ALOR SETAR - Traders in several districts in the state have claimed that the supply of sugar has been decreasing in the market for the past week.

This has caused some retailers to limit purchases to one packet per customer.

Some had to leave a 'sugar out' notice on shelves to inform consumers that they would not be able to supply sugar as usual.

Grocery store trader, Muhammad Amin, 40, informed that suppliers have reduced the supply from two packages of sugar to one package to be delivered to his grocery store since a week ago.

"Previously, two packages were ordered, each containing 24 packets of sugar. However, the supplier only sent one package.

"Demand is also high, the sugar packets already sold out by evening," he said

Because of that he had to limit the purchase of one packet to each customer so that other users also have the opportunity to buy the basic goods.

Muhammad said supplies are still being supplied as usual but suppliers are reducing orders.

Another grocery store trader, Suhaida Saad, 45, said that many customers came to her store to buy sugar but returned empty-handed when informed that it was out of stock.
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"There have been many days of no sugar supply because the supplier has not delivered. Even if there is only a small quantity," he said.

Meanwhile, a housewife from the Kuala Muda district, Roslaili Saat, 41, claimed that she has noticed the lack of sugar supply in the market for the past few days.

She claimed that efforts to find sugar in some grocery stores she often visited in Bandar Amanjaya, Sungai Petani found that there was no supply on the shelves as usual.

"The shop workers informed me that it has been three days since the last supply of sugar," she said.

Meanwhile Sinar Harian's survey at a supermarket in Sungai Lalang and Sungai Petani found a full supply of sugar on the shelves.

A user who only wanted to be known as Man, in his 40s, said that claims that there is no supply of sugar in the market may just be rumours.

"I have been seeing a lot of stock arranged on the shelves.

"Perhaps the supply is just not available in small grocery stores, large supermarkets do not experience supply problems," he explained.
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