'I am the good guy', says Vigneswaran after dropping Sivaraj from MIC CWC

13 Jun 2023 04:07pm
Vigneswaran (left) and Sivaraj
Vigneswaran (left) and Sivaraj

SHAH ALAM - Senator C Sivaraj removal from MIC's central working committee (CWC) is a normal process under the party constitution, says party president Tan Sri SA Vigneswaran.

This comes after sources told Sinar Daily that Sivaraj was recently removed from the leadership post.

“If I want to appoint another person and bring them up in politics, there’s nothing wrong with it.

“That is how normally a party works,” Vigneswaran told Sinar Daily.

He said there are no barriers preventing anyone from running in a contest during party elections and they have the freedom to challenge the president, deputy president, or any other candidate.

“You see this removal is actually normal if you want to promote somebody.

“I am the one who put him as the coordinator. I am the one who also got the finance (funds) for him to contest the election.

“I am the one who gave the prime minister letter of recommendation for him to be Senator. It looks like I am the bad man but they forgot that I am the good man as I provided everything so I don’t see what’s the big fuss,” he claimed.

Vigneswaran claimed Sivaraj is not qualified to contest for the presidency post and he should read the party constitution.

"But if he thinks he’s qualified under the constitution, he can contest," Vigneswaran said. MIC party elections is scheduled next year.

He said Sivaraj lost the vice presidency race in 2018 and due to that appointed him into CWC. “I am the good man and not the bad man and of course, there are no consequences after I removed him.

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"When I appointed Sivaraj a lot of people asked, why am I giving so much priority? He's not in the party and he is not a vice president and why are you giving him a seat?

“When I can appoint them (Sivaraj) nobody asked me why did you appoint him and when I removed the press is more interested than the party.

“When he lost the vice presidency race, if I had any other ulterior motive I could have finished him and I would not have even give him coordinator post or any other posts,” he added.

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