POLITICALLY FRANK: 'Mr Handsome' Khaliq on whose the real boss in PN, Bertam seat, corruption

28 Jun 2023 09:00am
SHAH ALAM - Ex-Bertam state assemblyman Khaliq Mehtab Mohd Ishaq is known for his looks and charm. But will his looks leave a lasting impression on those who meet him?

Click on the Politically Frank video to find out what he says about his looks.

The criminal lawyer also touched on how he was wronglyfully booted from his Bertam state seat in Penang after 2018 polls and his plans to recapture the seat if he is given the opportunity again to do so in the upcoming state elections.

The Bersatu man was also asked on corruption charges against party President Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and who is the "real boss" in PN.

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