Aliff Syukri reveals texts sent to former minister to settle debt worth millions

03 Jul 2023 10:24pm
Influencer and businessman Datuk Aliff Syukri Kamarzaman - FILE PIX
Influencer and businessman Datuk Aliff Syukri Kamarzaman - FILE PIX
SHAH ALAM - Influencer and businessman Datuk Aliff Syukri Kamarzaman has again taken to Instagram to reveal several

WhatsApp messages pleading a former minister with a Tan Sri title to settle his a debt of tens of millions owed to him.

In the Instagram post, Aliff shared a screenshot of the messages sent which he claimed were seen but were ignored.

In the messages he wrote "I am pleading with you Tan Sri, please answer my messages and calls, I do not want this matter to turn into a big deal.

"I just want what is owed to me, I have been waiting for more than four years, remember the prayers of those in distress are usually answered swiftly, remember that I have kept all the videos, agreements and voice notes during our meetings as evidence, please call me before you embarrass yourself further.

"Why are you not answering my calls or texts even when you are online," the screenshot read.

Aliff went on to caption the image with a question asking his followers for his next course of action should be.

"What should I do? This former minister has only seen my messages.

"He's a great person, he knows all the bigwigs, police chiefs, ministers, I am just a small person but I have to be brave because I am in the right. I have tried in vain to make peace and to contact him only to be ignored. I really do not want to embarrass him and his family," he wrote in a lengthy Instagram post.
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Aliff went on to say that he believed the Tan Sri was a famous billionaire with various assets in Malaysia and that he would have no problem settling the debt.

"It is strange to me that the Tan Sri is denying me my rights, oppressing a small businessman like me.

"Imagine sir, day and night, morning and evening, I do business live on my social platforms, I endure being insulted, now I'm asking for help if this post is seen by his son, his brother, or Tan Sri, who is old. Please don't do this to me ... please contact me, " his captioned continued in the comments section.

Many of Aliff's followers in the comment section asked him to take the case to court or take legal action against the Tan Sri.

Some also said they knew of the Tan Sri's identity and that he has not been paying his staff since the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic.

On Sunday, Aliff had highlighted his plight on Instagram as he claimed that he has failed to contact the Tan Sri privately.

He said he has chosen not to disclose the complete truth, as it would embarrass the Tan Sri's entire family.

He stated that he will remain patient.

Aliff also said that the people of Langkawi are aware of the Tan Sri's wealthy status and business ventures across Malaysia.

His post was also liked by influencer and businessman Wak Doyok who urged Aliff to take the case to court,

His recent post has garnered more than 8,000 likes.

Aliff is currently in Mecca performing Haj.