Don't scare voters with vote splitting sentiments, says Syed Saddiq

03 Jul 2023 10:31pm
Syed Saddiq at Sinar Live 'Kuasa Ketiga atau Kacau Daun' programme hosted by Haizir Othman
Syed Saddiq at Sinar Live 'Kuasa Ketiga atau Kacau Daun' programme hosted by Haizir Othman
SHAH ALAM - Certain parties are told to stop using scare tactics on Muda's decision to independently contest in six state elections, as it may result in vote splitting.

Its president Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman said although there are several party coalitions, voters have their reasons for choosing.

"I feel that it is unfair to cover up failures and inefficiencies in governance by scaring the people.

"The reality is that in this matter, if we govern efficiently and fulfill our promises of reform, there will be no votes that will be split," he said.

He said during "Sinar Live 'Kuasa Ketiga atau Kacau Daun'" programme hosted by Haizir Othman, which was broadcasted on all Sinar Harian platforms tonight.

He added that if the governance is not efficient, administration is poor, and promises are not fulfilled, it will be the reason why people choose new parties.

"That is why in this context, we need to embrace a dynamic landscape of democracy in our country and the participation of Muda will inject some elements of new politics in Malaysia," he said.

The Muar MP also said that voters in Malaysia are not loyal to any particular party.

"If we look at the previous elections, things changed quickly. During the state elections that took place six months before the general elections, they voted for Party A, but after six months, they voted for Party B," he said.
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"What does this mean? These voters are aware and follow current issues. Even though they may not comment on political issues every day, they keep up with the developments.

"And when it's time to express their discontent, they do so through their votes," said Syed Saddiq.

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