Kon Yeow still candidate for Penang Chief Minister - Anthony Loke

05 Aug 2023 05:53pm
Transport Minister Anthony Loke - Photo by Bernama
Transport Minister Anthony Loke - Photo by Bernama

GEORGETOWN - Claims stating that Chow Kon Yeow will not be appointed as Chief Minister after the upcoming state election are statements made by those who are disappointed.

DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke Siew Fook said the party has made an open declaration and the decision will not change.

He urged all of the people of Penang to not be influenced by baseless claims.

"Who made such claims, I have openly stated that our choice is Kon Yeow to be the Chief Minister when we form the state government after this.

"Don't be swayed by these baseless claims. They are made by those who are disappointed for not being selected as candidates in this state election," he said here today.

He later appealed to all the people and parties involved to support Chow in leading the state government after the state election.

"Let's make sure we all support Kon Yeow. It is the commitment and position of DAP, don't listen to other unsubstantiated claims.

"When people are disappointed, there will be all kinds of claims so don't be affected," he said.

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In July, Chow was nominated as the Penang Chief Minister in the upcoming state elections, scheduled for Aug 12.

The unanimous decision was announced by Loke after discussions with the party's top leadership, including its national chairman Lim Guan Eng.

He said that the same committee also decided to make significant changes in the State Exco lineup representing DAP if they were given the mandate by the people of Penang to govern again.

However, there were now claims that Chow will be ousted from the position after the formation of the state government.

Meanwhile, Loke said the claims made did not represent the position and views of DAP.

The claims, he said were aimed at further confusing the situation.

"Voices from other parties actually do not represent the position and views of DAP. They take advantage to create uncertainties among the public.

"So, I hope the people and the people of this state are not influenced by these baseless claims," he said.

He added that as the DAP secretary-general, he has given a clear and open statement that Chow will remain as Chief Minister throughout the next term when the Pakatan Harapan and Barisan Nasional coalition successfully regained the mandate from the people of Penang.

"There is no need for any unrest to be caused by any party. Kon Yeow's position is clear, and our stance remains unchanged," he said.