State polls: Tok Mat makes full recovery, back to campaigning

06 Aug 2023 08:30pm
Tok Mat (sixth from right).
Tok Mat (sixth from right).

REMBAU - Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for Rantau Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan has resumed his campaign activities for the state polls after taking a few days off, per medical advice.

The BN deputy president fondly known as Tok Mat previously announced that he was infected with influenza through a video recording on his Instagram account.

"It's only been half a day since I started campaigning, and then I started having fever and flu. Based on the blood check, it was not influenza, it was just fever and flu, but it was terrible.

"I restarted my campaign in Rantau today. Based on my observation, the reception is excellent," he said in Kuala Sawah, Rantau, on Sunday.

Mohamad will face Perikatan Nasional (PN) candidate Pas Rembau deputy chairman Rozmal Malakan in a straight fight for the Rembau seat in the upcoming state elections.

This is his fifth time contesting the seat, which he has held for four terms since 2004.

Mohamad expressed his hope that on Aug 12, the voters in the six states will elect a government that can bring prosperity and development, making wise decisions for their future.

"Don't choose based on sentiments, especially regarding race and religion.

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"I hope all campaigning parties rationally conduct their campaigns. They should highlight their authority and how their party can bring greater welfare and well-being to the people if given the opportunity.

"We don't want to exacerbate racism, so I suggest we promote our message positively and constructively," he said.