Restore position of Malay-Islamic authority - Pahang Pas

15 Aug 2023 11:22am

KUANTAN - The decisions made by voters, especially the Malay electorate and a portion of non-Malay voters in the recent state elections across six states last Saturday are a signal of rejection of the federal government.

Pahang Pas commissioner Rosli Abdul Jabar said this signal should be embraced by all party leaders to reassess the desires and inclinations of the Malay voters.

Therefore, he asserted that the opportunity to reposition the Malay-Islamic authority in the country was now wide open based on the recent state polls results.

"Umno can now become a 'king maker' determining the position of Malay authority or otherwise.

"Pahang Pas calls on the Umno leadership in the state to be capable of reestablishing Malay-Islamic power and sovereignty by embracing this wave and signal from the people," he said in a statement yesterday.

The Tanjung Lumpur assemblyman explained that the Umno grassroots also called for the party to return to its original Malay struggle, which was evident from the polls results.

He emphasised that Pahang Pas hoped for unity among the ummah to be upheld for the stability of the state and the nation.

Rosli also provided an example of the situation in Negeri Sembilan after the recent state polls.

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"The number of state seats won by the Pakatan Harapan-Barisan Nasional (PH-BN) coalition and Perikatan Nasional (PN) in Negeri Sembilan is nearly the same as the situation in Pahang after the 15th General Election (GE15).

"The seat composition in Negeri Sembilan is similar to that in Pahang and both states can position Malay-Islamic authority.

"Such a position could also be attained within Pahang and potentially on a national scale, should that determination be effectively realised." he said.

On Saturday's polls, Negeri Sembilan PN won five state seats in Gemas, Serting, Labu, Bagan Pinang and Paroi.

The PH-BN coalition, on the other hand, obtained 31 seats through BN (14), DAP (11), PKR (five) and Amanah, one seat (Klawang state assembly).

Meanwhile, in the GE15 results for Pahang, Umno secured 18 state seats, PN gained 17 seats and PH garnered eight.

The Pahang state government was only formed after PH announced its support for Umno to establish a unity government similar to the national level.

Rosli expressed optimism that both the central and state-level PN leadership could thoroughly deliberate on this matter for the betterment of the future of the ummah and the nation.

He emphasised that leaders should openly embrace and realise the people's aspirations.

"We (Pahang Pas) are ready to extend our hands of unity and solidarity to welcome the dreams and desires of the people," he said.