Cyber DSA 2023, the future of digital threat defense

15 Aug 2023 04:00pm
Chairman of Aerosea Exhibitions, Tan Sri Asmat Kamaludin.
Chairman of Aerosea Exhibitions, Tan Sri Asmat Kamaludin.

KUALA LUMPUR - Cyber DSA 2023 is the beginning of a spectacular journey towards a future in which cybersecurity acts as an invincible bulwark against digital threats, says Aerosea Exhibitions chairman Tan Sri Asmat Kamaludin.

He added that the Cyber DSA 2023 aspires to be an innovation platform where creative minds can exchange insights, generate innovative ideas, and inspire dramatic change for a better future.

"I feel we are off to a good start with Cyber DSA 2023. Over 5,000 professionals, policymakers, and stakeholders have come here today, with more than 100 exhibitors displaying cutting-edge solutions and a variety of programmes targeted at knowledge sharing and forging alliances," he added.

He was speaking at the launch of the Cyber DSA 2023, held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Cyber DSA 2023 includes a number of simultaneous cybersecurity-related events, enhancing the conference's utility.

"This is our chance to take cybersecurity discussion to new heights. We will look into the complexities of emerging threats, analyse the most recent trends, and explore the boundaries of cybersecurity research.

"More importantly, we aim to inspire solutions to the daunting challenges that lie ahead," he added.

Asmat also went on to elaborate that this high-level conference is an industry-focused conference that brings together renowned specialists in cyber defence, national security, banking, finance, and critical infrastructure protection.

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"The conference includes 35 programmes and 62 local and international speakers, giving guests the opportunity to learn from and connect with the industry's most knowledgeable professionals.

"We are dedicated to leaving a legacy that will influence how we think, act, and develop in the field of cybersecurity. Together, we will push the boundaries of cybersecurity to ensure that our interconnected world thrives," Asmat added.

He said that he is certain that Cyber DSA will grow from strength to strength in the future.