Man dies of brain haemorrhage at hospital, not during prayer at mosque

25 Aug 2023 09:37am
A screenshot from TikTok last Tuesday.
A screenshot from TikTok last Tuesday.

TEMERLOH - The family of Abd Rahman Rapie, 64, has clarified that he died of a brain haemorrhage at the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Hospital in Temerloh last Monday, and not during the Asr prayer at the Paya Luas Mosque last Saturday.

His daughter, Nor Atikah Abd Rahman, 34, said that her father had passed out at the mosque and was rushed to the hospital, where he died two days later.

"My father had high blood pressure and had a history of brain haemorrhage.

"He was a very religious man and used to pray at the mosque every day," she said.

Atikah said that she was upset that a video of her father collapsing at the mosque had gone viral, and that some people had misinterpreted it to mean that he had died there.

"I want to make it clear that my father died at the hospital, not at the mosque.

"I am grateful to the people who helped my father at the mosque, and I hope that this clarification will put an end to the misunderstanding," she added.

Atikah said that her father was a kind and generous man who was always willing to help others.

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He was also a devout Muslim who loved to pray and read the Quran.

"My father's death is a great loss to our family.

"We will miss him dearly," she recounted.

The late Abd Rahman (right).
The late Abd Rahman (right).

Atikah revealed that her father had relinquished his business responsibilities to his younger brother, opting to lead a life dedicated to worship without the pressures of work.

His altruistic disposition extended to his involvement in charitable work and the restoration of the Paya Luas Mosque, a project he undertook without remuneration.

Previously, a viral CCTV video depicted a man seemingly collapsing while in prayer at the mosque.

While fellow worshippers attempted to aid him, the man eventually collapsed and was said to have passed away on the spot.

The video garnered various reactions online, with netizens offering their condolences for the individual's untimely demise.