Police say video of motorcycle hitting police motorbike is an accident

19 Sep 2023 11:51am
Screenshot of the reported incident.
Screenshot of the reported incident.

MUALLIM - A video that went viral on social media, showing a motorcycle colliding with a police officer's Motorcycle Patrol Unit (URB), actually occurred on April 25.

Muallim district police chief Superintendent Mohd Hasni Mohd Nasir clarified that the captions in the video are entirely false and do not represent what truly happened.

On Monday, the police discovered a short video on social media with captions like 'When the people are persecuted by the country's leaders' and 'Let us violate what is in front of our eyes.'

"The video received numerous negative comments from netizens.

"The Muallim District Police Headquarters wants to make it clear that the actual incident took place on April 26.

"Two URB members from IPD Muallim were on their way to the Orang Asli Pos Bersih village area in Slim Village after receiving information about a road accident," he said in a statement today.

Mohd Hasni said that while they were en route, the URB members asked some local residents for the exact location.

However, as they were heading to the scene, a villager riding a motorcycle accidentally collided with the back of one of the URB member's motorcycles.

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"Fortunately, this collision didn't cause any damage, and the situation was resolved appropriately," he added. - AWANI