Claims of 30 per cent state govt appointments allocated to PH are baseless - Pahang MB

28 Sep 2023 04:31pm
Wan Rosdy attended a community service program with the residents of Felda Kemasul Palm Oil Mill Staff Housing on Thursday
Wan Rosdy attended a community service program with the residents of Felda Kemasul Palm Oil Mill Staff Housing on Thursday

BENTONG - The allegation that supposedly 30 per cent of state government appointments will be given to Pakatan Harapan (PH) is a baseless and false accusation.

Pahang chief minister Datuk Seri Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail said that there have been no new appointments so far, and all appointments, including those of the Village Development and Prosperity Committee (JKKK) and members of local authorities (PBT), remain unchanged.

He further added that these allegations were actually the work of certain parties trying to create perceptions and sentiments to foster dissatisfaction among the people.

"This approach can deceive and make those who don't think twice believe their falsehoods.

"I emphasise that state government appointments remain as usual and are not as claimed," he said when at a community service event with the BN candidate for the State Legislative Assembly by-election in Pelangai, Datuk Amizar Abu Adam, at the Felda Kemasul Palm Oil Mill Housing Complex here on Thursday.

He added that such actions were common among political opponents who attempt to sway the people with their perceptions and sentiments.

"Unlike us, we offer measurable performance as evidence," he said.

Meanwhile, he said that voter support for the BN candidate has now reached over 60 per cent.

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"I don't have exact data, but based on my observations while here (in Pelangai), support for Amizar has continued to increase compared to the initial 50 per cent.

"I am confident that voter support will continue to rise as we approach the polling day on Oct 7," he said.

Previously, Independent candidate Haslihelmy DM Zulhasli has raised questions on Facebook about the claim that PH Pahang was demanding a 30 per cent quota for state government appointments and requested an explanation regarding this matter.

Haslihelmy, via his post, said he was not making any accusations but had understood that PH Pahang was demanding a quota involving positions in the JKKK, MPKK, GLC, and PBT be given to members of their party.

"I am not making accusations, but it is understood to be so, and I am not accusing the state government of having already granted this quota to DAP.

"Whether it's true or not, only the BN-PH state government knows. I hope it's just a rumor. If it's true, I will vehemently oppose it," he said through his post.