Malaysia leads in hydrogen technology - British High Commissioner

02 Oct 2023 04:51pm
British High Commissioner to Malaysia Ailsa Terry in an exclusive interview with Sinar recently. -  Photo by MOHD RAFIQ REDZUAN HAMZAH
British High Commissioner to Malaysia Ailsa Terry in an exclusive interview with Sinar recently. - Photo by MOHD RAFIQ REDZUAN HAMZAH

SHAH ALAM – Newly appointed British High Commissioner to Malaysia Ailsa Terry lauds Malaysia’s strides in hydrogen energy, ranking it ahead of the United Kingdom and other neighbouring Asean countries.

Terry remarked so, in the latest episode of Sinar Daily’s Fireside Chat, when she visited Sarawak and was astounded by the existence of a hydrogen charging station there, noting that it was possibly the only facility in Southeast Asia.

“I cannot believe how advanced Malaysia is. Way ahead of us (UK) in terms of hydrogen. I was really proud of that on behalf of Malaysia. You should be shouting about this,” said Terry in the interview.

To the unfamiliar, hydrogen stations or hydrogen pumps, is a facility that dispenses hydrogen gas for fuelling hydrogen-powered vehicles, similar to how gasoline cars refuel at gas stations.

She said the only other hydrogen station that she could remember was one located in Germany.

“I think Malaysia should be more in the spotlight because I think Malaysia is really leading the way, particularly on these kinds of green issues,” she said.

The UK, Terry underscored, was keen in working together with Malaysia over the matter, highlighting that her country even has a fund called the UK Partnering for Accelerated Climate Transitions (UKPACT) programme.

“It’s a special fund where we basically have money and expertise available to work together with other countries.

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“I would really like to see Malaysia become the energy powerhouse of Asean and I think it can do that. You are in the central, have the connections, technology and ambition.

“And I think with this new government, they are really working hard on that,” she said.

Active since 2021, UKPACT has played a crucial role in granting funds and technical know-how to Malaysia, spanning sectors like low-carbon planning, renewable energy, nature-based solutions, green finance and green economy policy.

The UK has been backing Malaysia in reaching its net-zero emissions goal by encouraging innovation and investments in energy and manufacturing. Initiatives involved the Clean Growth Handbook and collaborative efforts for sustainable growth.

Last year, the two countries signed a Climate Partnership memorandum of understanding to bolster climate and biodiversity efforts, with a focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions through knowledge sharing and capacity building.

Sarawak's Premier Tan Sri Abang Johari Tun Openg visited London in August 2023, highlighting their green energy commitment, including carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS).

The UK supported this and planned to help establish a robust carbon market framework.

Sarawak, a forest-rich Malaysian state has received UKPACT's backing in shaping a green economy policy framework. This partnership yielded the Green Economy Policy and Carbon Offset Strategy paper, guiding Sarawak's green policies.

Additionally, the programme delivered successful capacity building in carbon trading governance.

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