Palestine-Israel conflict will remain unresolved says Dr Mahathir 

09 Oct 2023 09:26pm
Dr Mahathir
Dr Mahathir

SHAH ALAM - The conflict between Palestine and Israel, which has lasted for more than seven decades, will not find a solution due to the response of Western powers, including their media.

Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that Western countries and their media were hypocritical, biassed, and pathological because they chose to perpetuate the narrative that the attacks on Israel were acts of terrorism, while their clear mistakes lie with Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran.

"With this narrative, they instill fear in Western society by claiming it is an attack on democracy and those who cherish peace.

"The United States, in particular, feels justified in providing military support to Israel to retaliate against the Palestinian people's attacks.

"All of this is far from the truth. It is a blatant lie perpetuated shamelessly by Western leaders and their media," he said via the X application today.

It was reported that tensions between the two countries have escalated as the Israeli military responded to surprise attacks by Hamas by launching attacks on several areas in Gaza, including targeting Palestinian residential buildings and hospitals.

Cinta Gaza Malaysia CEO Muhammad Nadir Al-Nuri Kamaruzaman said that this action has resulted in a high number of Palestinian casualties and thousands of injuries as a result of these attacks.

Mahathir added that Israel has committed war crimes, mass killings, and unimaginable cruelty against the Palestinian people systematically and without interruption for decades.

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"In addition to the Palestinian land acquired illegally through a unilateral agreement with this country's former colonialists, Israel has also forcibly seized the people's farmland.

"Any attempt to seek restitution will be met with violence supported by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

"The Palestinian people are cornered, and Gaza has become an open-air prison.

"This episode is no different from previous revenge attacks, except that this time they are more focused on external aid.

"But Western powers continue the deception with the narrative that these hostilities are acts of violence committed by terrorists, ignoring the fact that they are retaliation by those who desire freedom and their rights to their land," he said.