Stateless siblings submit application for citizenship without required documents - NRD

19 Oct 2023 11:50pm

KUALA LUMPUR - The four stateless siblings, allegedly prevented from attending school because they did not have identification cards submitted documents as evidence for their applications including their parents’ marriage certificate to the National Registration Department (NRD), here, today.

In a statement today, NRD said the siblings’ older brother, Aziq Fadyan, 24, also submitted their citizenship applications through the Confirmation of Citizenship method without the required supporting documents.

The department said several crucial details in the copy of the documents that Aziq submitted were illegible.

"The NRD advised the applicant to get a written confirmation on the details of his parent’s marriage that took place overseas from the relevant embassy first.

"Once confirmation is obtained and it is proven that the marriage took place before the siblings were born, the citizenship status on their birth certificates can be amended at NRD,” read the statement.

Aziq and his siblings, namely Azreen Batrisya, 22, Azzahra Batrisya, 12, and Azalea Batrisya, 9, were advised to get an individual who is a citizen to make the citizenship application through the Confirmation of Citizenship method on their behalf, it said, however, they chose not to heed the advice.

"Therefore, it is impossible for NRD to consider the application based solely on copies of documents that are blurry where essential details are illegible. It is also impossible for an individual who is not yet a citizen to apply for citizenship on behalf of his siblings,” it said.

NRD emphasised that every application for Malaysian citizenship submitted will be processed based on the applicant’s eligibility, provided that it is supported by relevant documents or evidence, subject to the provisions set in the Federal Constitution and applicable laws.

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"The NRD is committed to resolving this case, subject to the applicant’s full cooperation. Any interference from agents or intermediaries can lead to delays,” read the statement.

It was reported on Tuesday that the siblings have been urged to present themselves at the NRD for their cases to be reviewed in detail. - BERNAMA