Neelofa's AI image without 'niqab' to showcase headscarves collection in Tokyo

26 Oct 2023 09:54pm
Neelofa introduces AI-inspired 'StampliCity' collection - @neelofa & @naelofar (Instagram)
Neelofa introduces AI-inspired 'StampliCity' collection - @neelofa & @naelofar (Instagram)

SHAH ALAM - With the rise of generative artificial intelligence (AI), many world celebrities have co-opted with this latest AI craze to create digital replicas of their images for marketing campaigns.

In the latest edition of this, Malaysia's very own popular actress and TV presenter, Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor, better known as Neelofa, introduces the AI version of herself in the launch of the StampliCity Collection, a new headscarves line showcased at Shibuya Crossing, the bustling heart of Tokyo, Japan.

In an Instagram post, Neelofa shared her excitement about the AI image, including her new collection line.

"The AI version of me in @naelofar's StampliCity Collection.

"With StampliCity, the team and I wanted to champion 'Stamping Your Mark,' in a world where you leave a lasting and significant impact or legacy that is uniquely your own,” she said in her post.

However, this AI image of her was without a niqab (a veil worn by Muslim women in public, covering their faces apart from their eyes), which she currently adorns after marrying her Islamic televangelist husband, Haris Ismail.

This has sparked mixed reactions among netizens on social media.

One Instagram user, @lil.eyka said she missed seeing Neelofa's face, and @annaikhwn expressed the joy of seeing Neelofa's full face after a long time.

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User @hafizatulatikah said she missed seeing Neelofa without her niqab and appreciated Neelofa's brilliant team.

Moreover, user @emma_esyraff hoped that no one would misinterpret the image to suggest that Neelofa has stopped wearing her niqab.

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