Floating chicken price: Consumers should compare, choose wisely - FOMCA

01 Nov 2023 06:17pm

Nur Asyikin
Nur Asyikin
KUALA LUMPUR - As the price of chicken is floated from today, consumers are advised to compare prices of the raw material and make purchases based on their respective budgets.

Federation of Malaysian Consumer Associations (FOMCA) treasurer-general Nur Asyikin Aminuddin said among the easiest ways to compare prices was through the 'Price Catcher' mobile application developed by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN).

"Consumers can now make a choice. When there is a floating price, it means that the price will be determined based on economic fundamentals, which are supply and demand.

"So we as consumers can make choices, especially through the Price Catcher application which can not only compare the price of chicken, but also other wet and dry ingredients. So we can see which supermarket sells chicken (at a) lower price," she told Bernama.

Nur Asyikin also advised consumers to lodge complaints to KPDN if they found that traders were significantly raising the price of chicken.

"If we see that the price increase is very significant, it means something is wrong. So we can lodge a complaint with the KPDN so that an investigation can be carried out because we are afraid there could be profiteering going on," she said.

In NEGERI SEMBILAN, state KPDN director Muhammad Zahir Mazlan said that although the price of chicken had been floated, enforcement officers would still conduct checks periodically to ensure that the prices offered to buyers were reasonable.

"We will check the documents provided by the traders, so we can see whether the price offered is reasonable or not," he said, adding that the chicken produced in the state was sufficient for consumer needs.

In PERLIS, state KPDN director Norazah Jaapar said her department was committed to carrying out continuous monitoring and enforcement through the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act (AKHAP) 2011 to ensure there was no excessive profit-taking and price manipulation by traders.
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In TERENGGANU, state KPDN director Shaharuddin Mohd Kia said a total of 117 enforcement officers and 58 price monitoring officers were monitoring supermarkets and wet markets across the state to ensure there was no price manipulation by traders.

He also advised users to use the Price Catcher application to check outlets that offered the best chicken prices in their respective areas.

In SABAH, state KPDN director Georgie Abas said checks found that the supply of chicken in the market was sufficient and sold at reasonable prices, with no panic buying.

"Sabah KPDN enforcement officers will always monitor areas such as public markets, farmers' markets and supermarkets to ensure that the supply in the market is sufficient and easily available at reasonable prices," he said. - BERNAMA