Crime index for rape, murder, and car theft rises in Kelantan

05 Nov 2023 03:25pm
Muhamad Zaki - FILE PIX
Muhamad Zaki - FILE PIX

KOTA BHARU - The crime index for rape, murder, and car theft in Kelantan has risen in the period from January to October this year compared to the same period last year, according to Kelantan Police Chief Datuk Muhamad Zaki Harun.

Rape cases increased from 82 cases to 108 cases, while murder cases went up from six cases to nine cases.

Car thefts also increased from 97 cases to 119 cases.

However, Muhamad Zaki said that the overall crime statistics in the state show a decrease of 8.9 per cent, with a reduction of 164 cases, totaling 1,688 cases compared to 1,852 cases previously.

He attributed the decrease in crime to the police's proactive efforts in crime prevention and enforcement.

"For violent crimes involving rape and murder, there is an increase, but group robberies and armed robberies have decreased to 38 cases from 57 cases, while armed robbery with firearms has decreased to 51 cases from 55 cases before," he said.

Meanwhile, violent crimes involving injuries have decreased to 122 cases from 138 cases.

In property crimes, only car thefts have increased, while motorcycle thefts have decreased to 472 cases from 497 cases.

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Theft of vans, lorries, and heavy machinery has decreased from 12 cases to eight cases, and house break-ins have recorded 368 cases compared to 401 cases.

Muhamad Zaki said that the police will continue to give special attention to cases of sexual crimes, especially those involving minors and school students.

He said that the police will also work with the Education Ministry to instill manners, ethics, and student integrity.

"We also have School Liaison Officers (PPS) from the police who play a role in efforts to prevent crimes involving students," he said.

Muhamad Zaki also urged the public to be more vigilant and to report any suspicious activities to the police.

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