Dedicated community leader and educator, Allie Latin inspires through her journey

07 Nov 2023 07:42am
Allie Latin and her students at Tadika Cahaya Komuniti (PPKK) - FILE PIX
Allie Latin and her students at Tadika Cahaya Komuniti (PPKK) - FILE PIX

In the quiet and distant corners of Mukim Tulid, a four-hour journey from Kota Kinabalu.Allie Latin, a brilliant kindergarten teacher is making an indelible impression

Born in 1987, this 36-year-old mother of nine children is not just a parent; she also serves as the principal of Tadika Cahaya Komuniti (PPKK), a local kindergarten that has been a beacon of hope for the community since its establishment in 2016.

Tadika Cahaya Komuniti owes its existence to the community's vision and needs. The establishment of this kindergarten was made possible through the generous support of corporate sponsors who saw the importance of quality early childhood education.

Allie Latin, with her genuine care for the children and the community, was entrusted with the role of principal. She ardently embraced this responsibility, recognising the multi-faceted challenges and responsibilities that come with the position.

“We have several families who send their children to our kindergarten. It's not a new kindergarten; we started it because of the community's needs. In fact, the building is supported by corporate sponsors for its construction,” she told Sinar Daily.

Allie's educational journey is a testimony to the life-changing potential of learning.

In 2022, she earned a Diploma in Early Childhood Education from Open University Malaysia (OUM). This academic pursuit equipped her with essential skills to address the emotional needs of children, enabling her to effectively manage their emotions and behaviours.

“I earned my diploma in early education in 2022. The diploma helps me manage the emotional needs of children and teaches us how to handle their emotions and behaviour effectively.

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“Before this, I had just finished my education in high school. However, to be a teacher for my students, of course I need to gain knowledge, specifically on their emotional needs, and this diploma also taught me how to manage the school,” Allie added.

When asked how she handles the children's emotions, she simply said that it's all about patience and understanding.

“Children can have outbursts, and it's our job as teachers to handle these situations calmly. It's part of what I learned in OUM,” she said.

Beyond her role as a kindergarten principal, Allie actively participates in several community initiatives, including the Starter Group, where she volunteers, her involvement as a Children's Club Facilitator, and her membership in the Farmers' Group in her community.

This multifaceted engagement highlights her commitment to fostering positive change in the lives of those around her.

“I love to serve the community. Here in our village, many of us are farmers. They don’t have so much knowledge about how to teach their children. So, the community plays a significant role in selecting teachers.

“It's quite simple, really. The community chose me because I genuinely care about the children and the community. It's challenging because teaching involves various aspects of education.

“Due to this, they hold elections to choose the most suitable candidates based on criteria set by the community, so this is the reason why I’m a teacher now,” she added.

Working with children, especially in an educational context, can be emotionally demanding.

Allie recognises the importance of patience and understanding when interacting with children, even during challenging moments. Her training and experience have cultivated her ability to maintain composure and calm, ensuring a nurturing and educational environment.